Initial visits generally include a thorough oral examination, teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment. Initial dental x-rays may also be requested. Oral hygiene instructions and home care recommendations will be discussed. Diet counseling and oral health assessments will be given.

Starting early is very important. A childís first visit should occur by the first birthday. Information about dental development, home care, diet counseling, use of pacifiers, sippy cups, and baby bottles are discussed. Education on all aspects of dentistry is provided. We maintain a philosophy of prevention, thatís why itís important to get kids
started early!

It is best if you refrain from using words around your child that might cause unnecessary fear, such as "needle", "shot", "pull", "drill" or "hurt". The office makes a practice of using words that convey the same message, but are pleasant and non-frightening to the child.

Dental Treatment

If dental treatment is needed, a gentle understanding and guided behavior management is used to treat your child. Optional treatments may include different types of sedation which will be discussed with you.


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